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TAG was founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860. It all started with his small watch workshop. He was focused in ensuring that the watches he produce would be accurate in telling time. Until now, the company has a reputation for being an avant-garde manufacturer, especially when it comes to the materials that they use in the process of making watches and their design. In 1882, Heuer developed watches with patent for chronograph movement. The same patent applied as he developed Kirium Ti5 I 1998 with its grade 5 titanium combined with carbon fiber. The company's designs for the quartz chronograph in 1983 and the first automatic chronograph that features a micro-rotor in 1969 were also patented.

Tag Heuer still continues to be on top of the watch making industry because its founder has already nabbed and held on to that place. The fact that the company can easily get patents for their designs only shows just how good they are in skills and knowledge. The Swiss watch maker can proudly showcase this fact and the original aim of Heuer in making reliable, precise and aesthetically impressive watches. The company's slogan, which goes "Swiss Avant - Garde since 1860" is still honored until now.

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